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We have both ground-level and table top strawberries for easy picking and have broadened our offering to include raspberries, gooseberries, blackberries and asparagus. 


Outdoor farming in Great Britain can be unpredictable.  We hope to be open from June to mid-August, but crop timings and availability depends heavily on the weather conditions. 

Fruit can also become unavailable during the season due to unforeseen weather conditions or the farm becoming busy. We recommend that you check our Facebook page for updates before your visit to avoid disappointment. 

Our general opening times are 10am-5pm.

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Pick - Weigh - Pay - Eat! 

Please collect a container on arrival - you are welcome to bring your own containers but please be aware that these must be weighed before you pick. ​Pricing and availability of fruit is displayed in the shed. 

Please make sure you only pick in the areas you are instructed to by our team - this ensures the best fruit is available throughout the season. 


When you've finished, please return to the shed to weigh and pay for your fruit - payment can be made by cash or card.    


Grange Farm is a working farm and family run business. We respectfully ask all visitors not to eat any of the fruit before paying for it and to be aware that all picked fruit must be paid for. Our staff are always happy to advise likely costs before you start picking. ​We will not tolerate disposing of and sorting of fruit before paying. Please supervise children and what they are picking and do not allow them to pick more than you would like to buy. 

We also ask that you only pick fruit that is ripe; unripe fruit will not continue to ripen once picked and it is a waste of our crops and your money.  

As a small business, we reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone at any time, and also to ask people to leave the field if we feel their behaviour is disrespectful to our team, or if we feel their intention is to visit and eat fruit without paying for it. 

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